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About Us

The love a Dad of Girls has is so STRONG.  It’s a completely different kind of love.  The kind of love that melts the hearts of even the toughest Dad -with a little kiss, or big hug.  This love is the kind of love that makes you want to become not just a better man, but the BEST Man. 
As a Dad of Girls, YOU are now the STANDARD of what a man is supposed to be.  When you become a Dad of Girls, you are not just their Dad…'re their motivator, their teacher, their coach, their role model, their  protector, their dance partner, their hair stylist and make-up artist, their confidence booster, their super-hero, their shoulder to cry on, and among many other things, but most importantly….their INSPIRATION.  As a Dad of Girls, it’s our job to inspire our girls to believe they can do anything that they put their mind to! 
We are two Dads, of Girls and there is truly nothing better than being a DoG! DoG Apparel was developed to display how proud we are to be Dads of Girls and to create a community of men who embrace raising girls proudly. Our mission is to give you quality apparel that sets the STANDARD to show off exactly what it means to be a DoG. DoG Apparel is 100% created and operated by two guys who are lucky to be called Dads of Girls.